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Top Features

Sila is a web-platform for online examinations and assessments, focused on A.I. anti-cheating technology without relying on a webcam and invading student-privacy. It digitizes the entire experience using interactive libraries for STEM subjects, removing the need for pen and paper, and modelling the examination process from start to finish. It focuses on distinguishing the different types of cheating and flags suspicious behavior to the teachers in a detailed report.


Sila provides teachers with the tools to design their exams to fit their assessment's requirements, and tailor the online experience to their needs using libraries for equations, graphing, and diagrams.


Sila provides reports to help educators get better feedback on their students' performance in assessments, providing useful analytics, process maps, and assisting in the grading and review process.


Sila uses non-invasive techniques to authenticate users. It analyzes problem-solving behavior to identify students without resorting to privacy-invasive methods like video monitoring.

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