Video Games
In Education

Motivate your students by introducing new concepts through our curricula based video games.

Why Video Games

Video games have been proven to increase student motivation and performance. We want to integrate them into schools, to complement the teacher’s work in the classroom. Watch this video for more information.

Our Games

We are currently piloting video games with a few schools. Our focus is on Math, but we are open to developing games for all subjects. The games only work on computers for the time being.

Eighties First

First-person platformer where player needs to navigate inside a computer and evade hazardous electric currents to find and unblock equations following the correct order of operations.

Subject: Math – Order of Operations

Grade: 6

Language: French

Fraction Reaction

Third-person platformer where player needs to collect herbs, craft potions using the right fractional mixture, and throw these potions to either save animals or destroy evil robots.

Subject: Math – Fractions

Grade: 6

Language: English

Our Blog

Revisiting Education

The current educational system was set into place around 200 years ago. We call our teachers instructors because they handed out instructions, similar to how a worker would be taught to operate in a factory…

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Prototyping in Education

Prototyping in the educational industry is a risky undertaking if the users, students or teachers, are not tightly coupled to the process. Any design requires constant feedback from stakeholders to ensure…  

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Case Study: Student Performance

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Sila has helped us in motivating the kids again.
Christa Hayek
Math Coordinator
Students Motivated
Teachers Empowered
Schools Transformed
Lessons Gamified

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Our Team

We envision a bright future for education, where creativity and critical thinking are praised. Our team members believe in the vision of empowering education through video games.

Mike Harb

game design & education - fOUNDER

Christophe Karam

networking & artificial intelligence

Aya Yousef

operations & partnerships

Bassem Boustany

User experience & 3d artist